Quijano: 3 possible scenarios for Alvarez-Plant

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Apparently, things have gotten personal between Saul Alvarez (56-1, 38KOs) and Caleb Plant (21-0, 12 KOs) for their Super-Middleweight unification bout today, Nov. 7.

But ultimately, this will not be about hurt feelings. It’s all about hurting your opponent and coming out victorious. Here’s our three possible scenarios for today’s much awaited donnybrook.

FIRST. Caleb comes out popping the jab furiously early in the fight. round. Canelo weaves through the offensive efforts of Caleb but the latter somehow edges the first few rounds.

Canelo makes his move in the third as he lands a left hook to the ribs that almost immediately stops Caleb in his tracks. Canelo follows it up with a booming right hand- left uppercut combo that hurts Caleb just as the bell rings.

As he sags along the ropes, the ref comes to his rescue and calls for the denouement of the bout.

SECOND. Both fighters size each other up in the first round, landing sporadically but clearly wary of each other’s tactics. Canelo starts the party rolling in the second round by landing a huge right hand but Plant wisely ties him up to prevent a follow-up barrage.

In the third, Plant lands a beautiful combination that rocks Canelo’s head back but he responds with one of his own and the crowd goes wild.

Plant continues to pepper Canelo in the 9th but the latter rocks him with an uppercut that forces him to take a knee. He is up at the count of five seemingly unhurt.

Canelo is unable to capitalize and change the momentum of the fight as Plant successfully stifles his offense by clinching and mugging him along the ropes.

Good two way action in the championship rounds with neither fighter gaining an advantage until the final bell.

Two of the three judges favor Caleb Plant as the latter emerges victorious via a controversial split decision.

THIRD. Plant shows off his excellent boxing skills in the first few rounds, moving beautifully and countering Canelo. The latter, being a couple of inches shorter, tries bringing the fight but Plant demonstrates good lateral movement and defensive prowess.

Canelo however, is known for being methodical and patient, and that patience pays off in Round 6 as he times Caleb beautifully with a left hook-right hand combo and Plant goes down.

He gets up at the count of eight and appears to be okay. Canelo shifts tactics and launches a brutal body attack on his wounded quarry in the last quarter of the fight.

Plant shifts to survival mode in the championship rounds as Canelo batters him from pillar to post up until the final bell to earn a well deserved unanimous decision victory.

VERBATIM. “Clearly something about me bothers him,” - Caleb Plant on Saul Alvarez.

LAST ROUND. It’s on Marcelino Co, my SHS-B ’89 batchmate who celebrates his birthday this week. Cheers!

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