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It seems like the much awaited donnybrook between John Riel Casimero (31-4, 21KOs) and Nonito Donaire (41-6, 27 KOs) is back on track.

In a videoconference brokered and hosted by some online boxing personalities, both fighters went face-to-face and hashed out the previous issues that led to the scuttling of their proposed bout.

To recall, Donaire was upset about some references made by Casimero about his wife Rachel and the “Filipino Flash” decided not to give “Quadro Alas” the huge payday the fight entailed and opted out.

This resulted in Casimero facing off against Guillermo Rigondeaux in a forgettable, unwatchable fight which the former won via split decision.

FACEOFF. I’m usually a big fan of faceoffs because fighters consequently behave differently when their opponent is right in front of them, ready and eager to respond.

Some faceoffs end up in some nasty exchanges of verbal filth, but in this particular instance, both fighters conducted themselves in a professional manner with promises of doing their best to make the fight a reality.

When asked what he admired about Donaire, Casimero candidly lauded Donaire’s vaunted left hook, and was quick to add that the difference between their left hooks was that he was slower but had more power.

I always like it when the conversation veers toward the technical side of the sport, especially when it comes to my favorite punch—the left hook.

I have been a big fan of Donaire’s left hook which I think is one of the most effective punches in boxing history. If you doubt me, go ask Fernando Montiel, Vic Darchinyan, Jorge Arce—all former world champions who might not even quibble about such a proposition.

Sometimes, good things come to those who wait and well, the detour this fight took might actually turn out to be beneficial in that the hype surrounding it might be built up some more. After all, it’s not every day we see two Pinoy world champions facing off at the apogee of the sport.

This might also turn out to be an interesting battle of the left hooks.

CANELO-PLANT. Speaking of faceoffs, the one between Saul Alvarez and Caleb Plant didn’t turn out too well as both men got into a scuffle.

Canelo started it as he pushed off Plant violently while they were jawing at each other’s faces. Plant came back and tried to land a jab but Alvarez was quick to draw back and land what looked to be a counter-slap on Plant’s face.

Plant came out of it with a gash below his right eye. I hope that won’t merit the cancellation of the bout. I like faceoffs, but not when it turns violent. It’s such a waste of everybody’s time and effort if a fighter suffers an injury that would necessitate the cancellation of the bout.

LAST ROUND. It’s on my dear wifey, Hon. Judge Charina Navarro-Quijano, as we celebrate 21 years of wedded bliss. Here’s to more years filled with love, laughter and cheers!

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