Quijano: Peña, Nunes duke it out at UFC 277

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The first time Julianna Peña and Amanda Nunes met, the latter was the toast of the MMA world, seemingly invincible and unstoppable, especially after demolishing Ronda Rousey and rattling off 7 straight defenses against elite competition, including victories over Holly Holm and the formidable Cris Cyborg.

But because anything can happen in the MMA world, it just happened.

Peña shocked the world and submitted Nunes via rear naked choke at UFC 269.

UFC 277. At UFC 277, the tables have turned and Nunez will be the challenger after having made several changes in her camp coming into today’s rematch.

How will Nunes, formerly recognized as the greatest women’s fighter of all time, fare this time around? I think Nunes took Peña lightly in the first fight. She stood in the pockets and aggressively sought out the exchanges, striking being one of her biggest strengths.

But things can take a quick turn for the worse in a fight. One well-timed punch, one ill fated move is all it takes especially in elite-level competition.

After surprisingly getting the better of Amanda in the exchanges, Peña took advantage of her gassed opponent by executing a near perfect take-down which she beautifully transitioned into a rear naked choke.

The greatest upset in the history of the sport, yelled fight commentator Joe Rogan.

This time around, expect a more patient Nunes to fight a more disciplined fight.

During their first encounter, Nunes threw wide looping punches which Peña countered smoothly with straight punches.

There was sequence leading up the the rear naked choke wherein Nunes ate three consecutive left jabs from Pena as she tried coming in.

That took a lot out of her as her momentum going in contributed to the torque of Peña’s punches.

Another thing Nunes has to work on is cardio. She needs to be in supreme condition for this rematch. This will be an all-out battle and sometimes it can all boil down to who was the fitter, hardier athlete.

I think Nunes can pull this off via split decision, paving the way for a trilogy.

VERBATIM. “I could see the change in her face. And then I can see my corner “Go, go, go...” - Peña describing their first fight against Nunes. (www.espn.com)

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