Quijano: UFC 248 Main Event disappointment

Jingo Quijano

WHEN a fighter starts being defensive in trying to justify a winning performance, you just know that deep inside he knows he could have done better.

Such revelations about self-doubt are often accompanied by making references to what his opponent did or did not do as apparent justifications.

UFC 248. Reigning middleweight champion Israel Adesanya faced off against challenger Yoel Romero at UFC 248 and emerged victorious.

Unfortunately, both the outcome and his performance were heavily criticized. And so that’s why the “ Last Style-bender” felt compelled to come out and defend his body of work for that fight.

Adesanya is known for his highlight reel brand of striking while Romero is feared for his brutal power having knocked out the likes of Luke Rockhold and Chris Weidman.

But instead of fireworks we got a dud of a fight as both men spent majority of the fight standing around waiting for the other to make a move, almost as if afraid his opponent was afflicted with the dreaded Covid-19.

At one point early in the fight, it looked like two fighters in a videogame where both players are still trying to figure out the moves by pressing on all the buttons.

To be fair, there were a few exciting moments where both fighters got tagged, but overall, it fell short of the hype surrounding both fighters who are also known for being openly engaging and loquacious.

EARNINGS. That being said, most fans certainly felt like both fighters hardly deserved the hefty purses they received. Adesanya took home a cool half a million dollars while Romero received $350,000.

After the event, what was on everybody’s minds though was the all out war between Weili Zhang and Joanna Jedrzejczyk in an epic display for the straw-weight title which most have dubbed as one of the greatest female MMA bouts ever.

For the 5 round war, Zhang got $200,000. She is reportedly being groomed by Dana White to be the next great female star in the footsteps of Ronda Rousey.

VERBATIM. “One hundred per cent, the weirdest fight I’ve ever been a part of..”Even for me, as a fan, [it’s] the most boring fight I’ve ever had, and I don’t have boring fights. That’s not my style, that’s not my gig.” -Israel Adesanya (www.stuff.co.nz)

LAST ROUND. It’s on dear friend, Marit Stinus Cabugon, who recently celebrated her birthday. Cheers!