Rama: Cebu City Hall JO workers to receive bonuses in kind only if all employees get vaxxed

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MORE than 5,000 job order workers of Cebu City Hall will have a happy Christmas after Acting Mayor Michael Rama announced that they too will receive bonuses, but in kind.

“I have asked Jun (City Administrator Floro Casas Jr.) to sit down with the local finance department to see how much worth in kind we should give to the job order employees,” Rama said.

“I want to make my employees happy,” the acting mayor added.


However, JOs or contractual employees, like casuals and regular employees, will only receive the bonus once everybody in City Hall gets vaccinated.

According to Civil Service Commission Memorandum Circular No. 4, contractual or job order employment status is issued to a person who shall undertake a specific work or job for a limited period not to exceed one year.

Casual employment, on the other hand, is issued only for essential and necessary services where there are not enough regular staff to meet the demands of the service.

Rama said City Hall has around 1,000 regular employees, 3,000 casuals and more than 5,000 job order workers.

On Nov. 8, 2021, Rama announced the release of P20,000 in Christmas bonus to all regular and casual City Hall employees provided everyone gets vaccinated against Covid-19.

The acting mayor said even the employees who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 could not receive their bonuses until everyone has been vaccinated.

‘Judgment day’

Rama said the City Hall employees should do their part and set a good example for the Cebuanos by getting vaccinated, working hard, and being clean and honest when it comes to working on their jobs.

“January is the judgment day. I will decide on who I will renew or not, based on performance,” he said.

Rama said he will be bringing back human resources management to City Hall and will be requiring all the more than 9,000 City Hall employees to attend a virtual lecture by professor Josephus Jimenez.

“We have to be together until June 30. What is important is that when we get back, we will put our best foot forward and offer the best performance for the people. Politics is nothing without performance. Performance takes care of politics,” Rama said.

Rama is running for mayor with Councilor Raymond Garcia as his running mate under Team Barug in the May 2022 elections.

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