Rappler responds to shutdown order

The Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission on June 29 affirmed its earlier decision to shut down Rappler news outlet, ordering that the news outlet’s license be revoked.

Rappler CEO Maria Ressa said that the company would appeal the decision. Ressa and Rappler staff respond to the shutdown order.

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Video Transcript

MARIA RESSA: We'll continue to do our jobs. Our reporters, you know this, right? We continue to hold the line. We'll continue to report. And we'll continue to demand that access is there.

Our goal is to continue holding the line. You've heard me say that forever. We're not going to voluntarily give up our rights. And we really shouldn't. I've continued to appeal for that because when you give up your rights, you're never going to get them back.

It is business as usual. There is a process. And we'll follow the legal process. We'll continue to stand up for our rights.

FRANCIS LIM: I strongly disagree with the decision. And fortunately for us, we have legal remedies available to question the decision [? before ?] [? our ?] courts of law. So rest assured that we will do so on behalf of the Rappler group. And we are confident that at the end of the day, we shall prevail.

PATERNO ESMAQUEL: We are on high alert right now. Of course, we are on standby. We are vigilant for whatever is next. But at the same time, we have prepared for this scenario for years. And our staff, we already know what to do.

I mean, we have prepared drills. And we have had many orientations about this kind of scenario. So in general, we are business as usual right now.

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