Rashaad Penny

Fearless Forecast: 1135 TOTAL YDS, 24 REC, 7 TD
Projected Rank: 23

Video Transcript


DALTON DEL DON: Penny was fantasy's top-scoring back over the final six weeks last year after he returned from injury. And he ended the year leading all backs in rush yards over expectation. Make no mistake-- he looked like a superstar down the stretch.

But Seattle has lost Russell Wilson for Geno Smith, drafted Kenneth Walker in the second round, and have one of the league's shakiest offensive lines-- still. Chris Carson has retired. Coach Pete Carroll has always valued veterans above draft capital. And Penny has proven to be one of the League's very best backs when healthy. Don't forget, he scored 39 touchdowns over his last two college seasons. Penny is my RB23. And you can typically draft him much later than that.

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