Ravena to miss B. League All-Star Game

Jonas N. Panerio
·1 min read

HIGH-FLYING Filipino wingman Thirdy Ravena of the San-en NeoPhoenix is expected to miss substantial time, including the B. League All-Star Game and the Slam Dunk Competition, after he suffered a metacarpal oblique fracture on his index finger.

The B. League is a professional men’s basketball league in Japan.

In a post on his Instagram account, Ravena revealed that he has already met with doctors to detail a rehabilitation and recovery plan.

“I met with the team doctor and physiotherapist for my injury rehabilitation following the incident last Saturday. We are now in the process of getting myself back to a hundred percent as soon as we can but I do understand that it will be an arduous journey to recovery,” the post read.

Ravena was selected to participate in both the All-Star Game and the Slam Dunk contest on Jan. 14 and 15. But with his injury needing a recovery time of six to eight weeks, Ravena will miss the events as well as the next 10 games of the NeoPhoenix. The development is a huge blow for the B. League team, which is already struggling to keep its head above water with its 5-22 (win-loss) mark.

Ravena, though, assured fans that he would be returning stronger and better than ever.

“With the help of my ever-supportive teammates and our hardworking team staff at San-En, I am fully focused on getting back and making sure I return fitter and stronger than ever,” he said. “I’ll be taking this time to realign and refocus so that I can give you the best version of myself the next time I step on the court.”