REAL STORIES: “This was officially my last pregnancy..”

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My belly bumps

Glad that I was able to take a series of photos of my belly bump. Though it was not uniformed but atleast I have a remembrance of it.

This was officially my last pregnancy because i had my tubes not just tied but cut already.

my belly bumps
my belly bumps

It’s actually a decision that was rushed. Everytime my doctor opens up the ligation topic i would honestly don’t respond and shrugs off that topic out of my head because I don’t think I’m ready yet.

Also, when I opened it up with Enteng, same thing, he’s not decided about it yet also.


However when I had my pre term labor and was admitted for emergency CS, my OB pushed me about the ligation since it is easier to have both procedure. Plus she said we had enough kids already. I didn’t think about it that time ’cause I was in pain.

After the operation, my OB then showed me a small bottle with bits of “meat” floating in water. She then told me that was part of my tube that was removed and that’s when I found out I was ligated already and that Enteng signed the consent.

my belly bumps
my belly bumps

While I was at the hospital for recovery and even until yesterday, I didn’t give much thought about it. But everything just sync in today.

I felt sad. Hindi na ako magkaka-baby.

my belly bumps
my belly bumps

I always told my friends before that I really wanted to have a lot of kids because I grew up alone. But I comfort myself with the thought na I won’t go through those pain (labor or post-op) anymore. Mabuhay ang talawan!

So that’s it. Our family stopped growing at 6 members and Summer is our only girl and princess.

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