Record Breaking Number of Sea Turtles Admitted to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

A record breaking number of sea turtles were admitted to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, with a total of 14 turtles brought in for treatment, the zoo said.

Video released on June 23 shows the turtles being cared for by the zoo.

The zoo said that boat strikes, fishing line entanglements, floating syndrome – where a turtle is unable to dive due to a build up of gas – and the ingestion of plastics were common reasons that turtles were admitted to the hospital.

Founder of Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors, Terri Irwin, said that the threat to sea turtles would be reduced if people disposed of waste properly and maintained speed limits in water.

“The alarming number of turtles currently in the care of the hospital only makes it more important for us to make mindful and environmentally-friendly choices that will help these beautiful creatures survive and thrive in their natural habitat,” Irwin said. Credit: Australia Zoo via Storyful

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