Refs hit Ravens rookie Odafe Oweh with roughing the passer for weak shove of Aaron Rodgers

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Defending Aaron Rodgers is hard enough. Holding pass rushers to this kind of standard makes it even harder.

Baltimore Ravens rookie linebacker Odafe Oweh saw an incomplete pass turn into Green Bay Packers first down on Sunday, all thanks to a shove of Rodgers the officials called roughing the passer.

Here is the "hit" that drew the flag:

That flag turned what would have been second-and-10 on the Ravens' 18-yard line into first-and-goal, which the Packers converted into a game-tying touchdown run from A.J. Dillon two plays later.

That sequence was a rough start for Oweh, who has been a bright spot for a wildly shorthanded Ravens defense this year. In 13 games entering Sunday, he had 31 tackles, 13 QB hits and five sacks.

However, he might have lost the award for worst roughing the passer flag minutes later when the officials of the Atlanta Falcons-San Francisco 49ers turned in this beauty:

But wait, there's more.

The Packers had another red zone incompletion turned into a first down when Ravens cornerback KEvon Seymour was called for pass interference on this coverage of Allen Lazard, turning 4th-and-10 into 1st-and goal.

Officiating a game is a much harder job than it looks, but it's hard to blame the Ravens defense if they feel like they faced two opponents on Sunday.

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