Regine Velasquez intentionally upstaged Nick Lachey

Heidi Hsia
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22 Feb – Regine Velasquez recently admitted that she did intentionally upstaged Nick Lachey while performing with the American boy band 98 Degrees back in 1999 just because she was fed-up with the singer's attitude.

As reported on Inquirer, the songstress, who shared her story on the online show, "Brightwin Ninangs", revealed that she really enjoyed speaking to other members in the group like Jeff Timmons and Lachey's brother Drew when they came to the Philippines and performed on an episode of GMA's "SOP", but was unimpressed by Lachey and his big ego.

"Of course, I look quite oriental so they found me attractive and were flirting with me a bit. But Nick Lachey was rude," she said.

Regine Velasquez was unimpressed with Nick Lachey
Regine Velasquez was unimpressed with Nick Lachey

Unamused by his behaviour and tendency to show off, said Velasquez, she decided to belt over Lachey while they were performing 98 Degrees' "The Hardest Thing" and drowned his vocals altogether.

"I got annoyed. You are in our country. Do not give us that attitude," she said.

Fans had since unearthed a clip from the said performance, in which Velasquez showed off her vocal prowess in the final part of the performance, making sure that her voice was successfully drowning Lachey's vocals.

Velasquez will be holding her own "Freedom: Regine Velasquez-Alcasid Digital Concert" on 28 February. It was originally scheduled to be held on Valentine's Day but needed to be postponed after the singer had to be quarantined after being exposed to someone tested positive for COVID-19.

Regine Velasquez's upcoming digital concert
Regine Velasquez's upcoming digital concert

(Photo Source: Regine Velasquez Instragram, Nick Lachey Instagram)