Rehab of dilapidated road in Mandaue to take 4 months

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THE once dilapidated J.O Martinez Road in Barangay Looc, Mandaue City will soon be concreted and installed with the drainage system after four months.

This after the Mandaue City government allocated P40 million to have the 400-meter J.O. Martinez Road fixed.

Lawyer John Eddu Ibañez, the executive secretary of Mayor Jonas Cortes, said motorists and residents nearby had been complaining about J.O. Martinez Street’s condition.

It was muddy and swampy when rained come and dusty during dry days.

Trucks passing by the road aggravated the situation by leaving trails of mud.

Ibañez said the City couldn’t implement improvements on the road as it was privately owned at the time.

The road was eventually donated to the City after Cortes talked to landowners living there and convince them to donate it.

As of Tuesday, May 18, 2021, the City has completed half of its concreting works of J.O. Martinez Road.

The inclusion of drainage facilities in the project will also ensure that the road is ready to drain off excess floodwater during the rainy season, Ibañez added.

Aside from concreting and the drainage system, the road project also includes the installment of a sidewalk. (KFD)

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