Reid: Angered players in Melbourne are minority

The world's top tennis players have been arriving in Melbourne and Adelaide this week and have entered a mandatory two-week quarantine period ahead of the Feb. 8-21 tournament to try to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Preparations have been further complicated by at least nine infections amongst the arrivals meaning more than 70 players will be unable to train for 14 days ahead of the tournament as they enter a hard quarantine.

Some players have complained about quarantine conditions and said they had not been told they would not be allowed to train if there were positive COVID-19 cases on their flights.

However, Scotsman Reid said the players knew the risks before they came.

"It's a minority of the players that are kicking up a fuss but the majority of the time that minority are the loudest," Reid told Reuters via Zoom from his room.

Reid, who won the Australian Open in 2016, has been in his hotel room for five days now and hasn't seen anybody, including his coach who is in the room next door.

Reid was supposed to leave the hotel for five hours of training on Monday (January 18) but because of the positive tests this has been pushed back.