Remembering the 'People's Princess'

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Many royals have come and gone but none had the love and adoration that the people gave to the Princess of Wales, Diana. She was a royal during a time when the media spared no mercy. She was one of the most covered royals of all time.

Years after her untimely death on Aug. 31, 1997, her relevance has never dwindled but rather became increasingly popular due to the rise of social media and stories of her tragic life as a princess living inside Buckingham Palace.

Lady Diana Frances Spencer was born with privilege. Her father was the Earl of Spencer, a British dynasty reaching back to the 16th century. However, in spite of her upbringing, Princess Diana was highly adored and loved by the people due to her warmth and kindness that naturally emanated from her. Her ability to reach out to the vulnerable, her genuine approach to social issues, and her amazing choice of fashion, the Princess of Wales was nothing short of an extraordinary humanitarian.

Here are some of the reasons why Princess Diana will forever be relevant, and why she will always be the queen of people’s hearts:

Challenges ignorance directly

During the Aids epidemic, there was a strong stigma that one could contract the disease by simply touching the person afflicted by it. This was otherwise proven to be untrue; the stigma was so strong that no scientific explanation could absolve the indifference that was springing forth toward those who suffered. Princess Diana was the first public figure that advocated breaking the stigma and spreading more awareness of the true nature of HIV. Her impact was felt worldwide with every gloveless handshake and hug she gave to the HIV patients she met. She famously said: “HIV does not make people dangerous to know. You can shake their hands and give them a hug. Heaven knows they need it.”

A royal rulebreaker

There are three things that every royals are tied to the moment that they are born: Duty, tradition and royal protocol. Being a part of a family that is the eye of constant public scrutiny in which every fashion choice made, action made, and word uttered is judged by the public.

Princess Diana was the first modern-day royal to break numerous royal protocols. From her outfits, gestures, and even choice of nail polish color, the princess certainly knew how to make a statement and the people were all for it!

Integrated herself with the people

Royals are always deemed with utmost respect in a manner that it is almost godlike. They live in a grand palace and go to summer vacations in their other palatial homes, their privileged lives separating them from the masses. Princess Diana might have been a royal and a born aristocrat but the love and warmth she radiated everywhere she went made her incredibly approachable.

The people felt a kinship with the princess as if she were a close friend or family that they have known for so long. At the time of her death, the world was devastated and the public was outraged at Buckingham Palace’s slow response to the death of their princess. Her legacy will continue to inspire the world to lead on with unconditional kindness and love, and that is how she will always be remembered as “the people’s princess.”