Renée Zellweger has hinted at another Bridget Jones movie and we're beyond excited

Sophie Cockett
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From Cosmopolitan

Calling all fans of the Bridget Jones movies (a.k.a. everyone): Renée Zellweger has admitted that she'd be totally on board for a fourth film. Hoorah!

In an interview on Australian talk show The Project, the 50-year-old actress said that she'd be open to continuing the film franchise. And tbh, our hopes are now sky high.

The last film saw Bridget become a mother in Bridget Jones' Baby, and when asked if she'd be up for continuing the story, she said: "Oh, gosh, yeah, wouldn't that be fun?

"It's really the best job, it really is. So much weirder than folks can imagine from the outside," she gushed. We're obsessed with the idea already.

Oh, and this is not the first time Renée has hinted that she's well up for a filming a fourth movie. In fact, during an appearance on CBS show The Talk, she even suggested a name for it: "Bridget Jones: The Menopause." It has a nice ring to it, right?

“No, I know Helen’s [Fielding] written the book, and I love this character. So, I mean, if they call me, I’ll go running,” she said.

The fourth film would be based on Fielding's third book in the series, 2013's Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy.

The novel sees her protagonist widowed at the age of 51 after Mark Darcy, played by Colin Firth on-screen, passes away (*cry*).

Texan-born Renée is currently promoting her latest film, Judy, in which she plays the iconic Judy Garland.

The project comes after she admitted that she's "thrilled" she "looks different" and that her happiness shows.

You see, the rumour mill went into overdrive back in 2014 with suggestions that the star had plastic surgery.

Renée simply shrugged off the comments and declared she was "glad" people thought she looked different.

She told The Sun: "I'm glad folks think I look different. I'm living a different life, happy, more fulfilling life and I'm thrilled that perhaps it shows.

"People don't know me in my forties. People don't know me as healthy for a while.

"Perhaps I look different. Who doesn't as they get older?" You go girl.

With this new found confidence, there's no better time to get back in front of the camera as Bridget Jones. The only question is: could you handle a film without Colin Firth?

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