Resident Evil 8 announced for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X with first trailer

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Photo credit: Capcom
Photo credit: Capcom

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Resident Evil 8 may not have been a surprising inclusion in Sony's PlayStation 5 reveal event (lots of info leaked ahead of time), but we were still very pleased that it looks so damned good.

Titled Resident Evil 8: Village (with the roman numeral 'VIII' being part of the word 'Village' on the logo, very clever), the game looks like it will take place in the middle of nowhere, in a small town haunted by werewolves.

Photo credit: Capcom
Photo credit: Capcom

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But it's not just that.

There's a group of posh people (a family, perhaps) that seem to be running things. They're probably the reason why people are howling at the moon and shedding all over the carpets.

Photo credit: Capcom
Photo credit: Capcom

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There's also a guy in some stylish glasses, which is Resident Evil code for MAJOR BADDIE. Possibly.

We've got a couple of new protagonists/victims too, as well as a return for Ethan Winters from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Franchise veteran and boulder-puncher Chris Redfield is also back.

Photo credit: Capcom
Photo credit: Capcom

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Like RE7, this game will be from a first-person perspective — as opposed to be the third-person scares of the Resident Evil 2/3 remakes — although there's no word on if it will also be virtual reality at this time.

What we do know is that the game will be releasing in 2021 for not just the PS5, but Xbox Series X and PC as well.

Resident Evil 8: Village is set for release in 2021.

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