Resort calling out vloggers for trashing hotel room sparks debate over hospitality standards

Should guests clean up after themselves after staying at a hotel or resort, or is that the establishment’s responsibility?

This was the hotly contested debate over the weekend after a post made by a resort calling out vloggers for trashing a villa went wild on social media.

A resort based in Davao Oriental stirred up quite the controversy on social media after posting photos of one of their villas that vloggers K’Nayn Motovlog and Pobreng Laagan checked into and left in a messy state.

“To our previous guests and to our soon-to-be guests, Hello and good day,” the resort began its statement. “Our resort is not just an ordinary resort, for we serve and make sure that our services fits (sic) your needs. We are very saddened that we need to experience this kind of chaos to our Family Villa.”

The resort went on to call out the vloggers, who clearly upset management with their mess. “We need you and we serve you the best that you need K’Nayn Motovlog and Pobreng Laagan. We considered your plead [sic] and attend all (sic) your concerns yet this is what you did to our Villa so what else can we say but THANK YOU. We are hoping that you will not do the same to your future destinations.”

“We know that our soon to be guest (sic) will never do this kind of dirt to our resort because they will choose to stay in calm and unwind than to do stuff like this (sic). We choose to be kind, understand and RESPECT than doing this (sic),” it ended.

The resort’s saucy post sparked mixed reactions. Some agreed with them that guests should take the initiative to clean up after themselves.

“Thanks for keeping it real JAKKA Beach Resort. These acts should not be tolerated. A lot of people are being blinded by these so-called vloggers and influencers who have no breeding. You’re right to expose them,” one said.

“If you have money, you can afford those Airbnbs, hotels, resorts, and travel experiences. But money can’t buy class,” another wrote.

But others thought it was not the guests’ responsibility to do so, especially if they were on vacation, arguing that the mess did not cause permanent damage and that calling out the vloggers publicly was excessive.

“We’ve been to many resorts and hotels. But you don’t need to include the names of your guests since it’s your job to clean the mess. Nothing wrong with that cause there’s nothing broken in your villa. If you don’t want this to happen again to your next guest, then better not to offer that kind of service since it’s your job to clean that mess,” one user wrote.

“As someone who works in the hotel industry for several years here in the western part of the world, the first mistake in this post is tagging the guests. Guest privacy is of utmost importance. We don’t even give guests names and their room numbers to anybody (even to their family members who just arrived at the hotel) without explicit approval of the guests themselves. Just imagine tagging them in a social media post. Second, this mess is not even out of ordinary, our housekeeping had clean worst looking rooms than this and it’s covered by the room cost unless stated otherwise,” another said.

“It happens. Not saying it’s ok. But exposing the names of the guest is also a no no,” another wrote.

“Lawsuit waiting to happen against the resort. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely be sure to tell my friends to NOT go there,” one user added.