The rickshaw classroom for indigenous kids

Introducing: The traveling classroom

Filipino teachers have found a creative way

to educate indigenous students in rural areas

Location: Porac, Philippines

by building a makeshift learning center

using old bookshelves, wood, and a rickshaw


"Rickshaws are common in these villages, they are used by many to transport goods in the area. So I thought, why not use old shelves to store learning materials and mount a television to play instructional videos and place everything on top of a rickshaw."

The mobile lessons are pre-recorded

and reading materials are safely packaged

The initiative spreads across five villages

and helps around 500 students throughout the week


We teachers initially had a hard time because the only option given by the government is online or 'blended' learning where students are given modules and continue their lessons virtually. However, there is no internet or television in this area. We had to think of an alternative way to bring the lessons to the children."