Ride the wave and catch the feeling with Billabong

WHENEVER someone remembers their first car, first kiss, first wave, they don’t always remember the details, but they never forget the feeling.

Billabong is a brand birthed from a feeling. The thrill of catching a wave, the adrenaline of riding it to the end, and the joy of knowing that one can do it all over again tomorrow. Surfing is not just a sport. It's a life-changing adventure so unique and addictive that it inspires the team behind Billabong to dream bigger dreams and build better gear for everyone to know the feeling too.

No one can achieve this goal without protecting the playground everyone calls home. To this end, Billabong is committed to embarking on a never-ending journey to minimize the footprint of the products and services it provides. Since launching its Recycler Board shorts program last 2007, Billabong’s UV Surf and Submersibles (board shorts, wet suits and rashguards) are all now made from recycled PET, recycled nylon and organic cotton.

What does this mean? It means plastic still ends up in oceans—but as high-performance, stoke-inducing board shorts, not bottles and trash.

And Billabong’s not done yet. There’s more work to be done and it’s making headway in bringing sustainable surf gear into every home and closet. And where better to keep it going than in Cebu? Home to beautiful pocket islands and pristine beaches, Cebu is the perfect spot to lock into the feeling that Billabong is known for.

Billabong will open its doors at SM Cebu on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, with exclusive promos no one wants to miss. Shoppers can get awesome deals on their essential swim and surf gear haul, and the best bundle promos to round up their Christmas checklist.

Feelings are powerful. They can transform the world, one surfer at a time. Feel good on and off the waves in world-changing board shorts from Billabong. Grab a pair and chase a wave today. (SPONSORED CONTENT)