Road collision in Toledo City leaves 3 dead

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AT LEAST three people were killed in a road accident after a motorcycle-for-hire accidentally rammed a passenger bus in Barangay Poog, Toledo City on Thursday evening, July 28, 2022.

Police identified the fatalities as Benjamin Aria Pracuelles, 61, a habal-habal (motorcycle-for-hire) driver from Barangay Bunga, Toledo City and his passengers Maricel Aliganga Canoy, 40, and Marina Son Villacencio, 53, both manicurists from Barangay Poog.

Staff Sgt. Nicanor Goc-ong of the Toledo Police Station said Pracuelles was driving from Sitio Campo 10, Barangay Poog when he lost control of his motorcycle after its front tire exploded and collided head-on with an incoming passenger bus bound for Cebu City.

Goc-ong said the victims were not wearing a helmet at the time of the incident.

Bus driver Felimon Tagactac, 53, of Barangay Matab-ang, surrendered to the police after the incident.

Pracuelles died on the spot, while Canoy and Villacencio died while being transported to the hospital.

The passenger bus’s owner has vowed to accept responsibility for the incident.

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