Rob Lowe, 57, shares shirtless selfie: 'How are you so hot?'

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Is it even a vacation if there's not a sexy selfie involved?

Seemingly taking a page out of About Last Night and St. Elmo's Fire co-star Demi Moore's playbook — the actress photographed herself in a black bikini during her recent Grecian getaway — actor Rob Lowe, 57, posted a shirtless selfie to mark his own beach

Posing against a postcard-perfect backdrop of palm trees and crystal-blue water, the 9-1-1: Lone Star actor bared his chest and shoulders for the smoldering shoot, which shows him sporting some graying stubble. Also on display: The Brat Packer's upper arm tattoo, a relic from his partying days that Lowe has previously described as "horrible."

“I don’t know what it is anymore,” Lowe, who has been sober for more than 30 years, told Ellen DeGeneres back in 2014. “It once was a koi fish. A traditional Japanese koi fish and a swirl of water and now it’s a wonderful blob. Like my mind.”

While his caption notified fans that he'd be going "off the grid Gilligan's Island-style," Lowe's sons couldn't resist ribbing their dad for squeezing in one last thirst trap. Both sons are known for mocking their famous father online.

"Off the grid yet posting shirtless selfies on Instagram?" teased John Lowe, while son Matthew observed, "A 3-hour tour doesn’t really qualify as off the grid."

Other commenters were much more impressed, however.

"Well aren’t you aging gracefully," read one comment, while a fan hailed him as the "hottest man on the planet — then and now."

"How are you so hot?" another fan posted.

"Still smokin'," added another admirer. 

What's his secret? According to a 2018 interview with Today, Lowe credited going sober, maintaining an active lifestyle and eating well. 

"Don’t get me wrong; I still love pasta and pizzas," he said. "But I know that they’re a special treat. In my business, I don’t have the option to not be at my best. So, I just make healthy choices most of the time. I never diet.”

He added that wife Sheryl Berkoff — with whom he'll celebrate 30 years of marriage this week — is “the worst sandbagger ever."

Lowe cracked, "She’ll say things like, ‘I like a little meat on my man!’ That’s not the kind of support I’m looking for! Her big motto is just a bite. That’s a one-way trip to Palookaville. Do you think Gisele is telling Tom Brady just a bite? I think she’s not.”

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