Rob-rape suspect slain in QC justice hall

By Robertzon Ramirez
Rob-rape suspect slain in QC justice hall

A suspect in a series of robberies and rapes was shot dead by a policewoman as he allegedly grabbed her service firearm at the Quezon City justice hall Monday night.

Mark Soque, 29, was being subjected to inquest proceedings for eight robberies, three rapes and the killing of a Korean woman at various establishments in Quezon City. He was arrested last Thursday.

Police Officer 3 Juvy Jumuad, who was escorting Soque, told investigators that they were outside the fiscal’s office on the fourth floor when he asked to go to the restroom to relieve himself.

As Jumuad called her colleague to accompany the suspect to the men’s restroom, Soque reportedly grabbed her .40 caliber Glock pistol.

They struggled for control of the gun, which went off twice: one bullet hit the ceiling while the other hit Soque in the chin and exited through the back of his head.

He was declared dead on arrival at the East Avenue Medical Center.

 ‘He deserved it’

Jumuad, a former member of the Special Weapons And Tactics, explained to the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) yesterday that it was not her intention to kill him – she simply defended herself and protected the people nearby.

She, however, said Soque deserved what happened since he reportedly molested his victims each time he staged a robbery.

CHR spokesperson Marc Cebreros said the agency will push for the investigation of Soque’s death.

“We are not pro-criminals,” the CHR said. “International human rights legal standards require that for each unnatural death, there must be an inquiry to make sure that it was not arbitrary or extrajudicial.”

The CHR said it will wait for the Philippine National Police to finish its investigation and noted that the fiscal himself saw what happened.

According to Quezon City Police District (QCPD) records, Soque was tagged in four robberies, five robbery-holdups, one robbery with rape and a robbery with homicide in various establishments in the city since December 2014.

In Quezon City alone, Soque has reportedly stolen P700,000 worth of property and cash, QCPD director Chief Superintendent Joel Pagdilao said. 

Outside Quezon City, Pagdilao said Soque was tagged in a robbery-holdup at the Manila Police District; two snatchings and three robbery-holdups at the Eastern Police District; four robbery-holdups at the Police Regional Office 4-A; and one robbery in Marikina City.  

Pagdilao said he will commend the Special Investigation Task Group for the suspect’s arrest and Jumuad for her alertness.– With Janvic Mateo