Robert Pattinson was confused while filming Tenet

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Photo credit: Warner Bros.
Photo credit: Warner Bros.

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Robert Pattinson has opened up on the confusion he experienced with Tenet while filming the movie.

The highly-anticipated Christopher Nolan film, which has been indefinitely postponed amid the coronavirus pandemic, is thought to follow a secret agent called Protagonist (John David Washington) who's tasked with preventing World War III through means which could include time-travel.

Pattinson stars in the movie alongside a supporting cast including Kenneth Branagh, Elizabeth Debecki, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Michael Caine.

As well as sneaking off set to audition for The Batman, Pattinson recently revealed he found explaining Tenet's tricky plot via exposition in the script "difficult".

Photo credit: Warner Bros.
Photo credit: Warner Bros.

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"When I first read it both Chris [Nolan] and [Tenet producer] Emma [Thomas] were saying: 'did you read this properly because everyone else took another two hours?'" he told The Irish Times.

"And I said: Oh s**t. Right up until the last week of the shoot, I was talking to John David (Washington) and asking him some pretty fundamental questions about who my character was.

"And John David was like: 'Wait, you don't know this?' But it's complicated! You're not just being fed the story. You're trying to uncover the mystery at the same time as the characters in the movie are.

"A lot of the stuff in this movie is expositional world-building stuff and a dense story. And the script makes that accessible to a layman. And that's really difficult to get that balance of making it sound like natural dialogue and trying to get across information that you probably need a PhD to understand properly.

Photo credit: Melinda Sue Gordon - Warner Bros.
Photo credit: Melinda Sue Gordon - Warner Bros.

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"And then you have to put it in the mouth of someone like me, who can barely add."

The comments follow John David Washington breaking his silence over Tenet's release date delays.

Tenet has been postponed indefinitely.

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