Rocky Sandoval releases ‘My Confessions’ album

FILIPINO-AMERICAN, R&B/Hip-Hop artist Rocky Sandoval has followed up a string of successful singles with his album “My Confessions” — available now via Warner Music Philippines. It comes just before Rocky embarks on a trip to The Philippines to reconnect with his family and heritage.

“My Confessions,” the focus single, which shares the same title as the record, highlights the theme of the project and delves into an emotional confession between two lovers. Rocky also takes the opportunity to showcase his vocals, as well as his Saxophone playing skills (his first love) on the single.

As for the rest of the album, you can expect a display of many mixed emotions stemming from love, hate, lust, heartbreak, humility and, yes, even arrogance with no apologies.

Rocky Sandoval has kept his head down throughout the year of 2022 with countless performances and endless recording sessions. The most notable and emotional performance to date was on the famous Wish USA bus for his track “Mamba Mentality.”

Rocky has also enjoyed nods of approval from Yahoo PH for his single “Belly Full Of Lies,” and earlier this year had the opportunity to perform at an event with Filipino-American comedian Jo Koy for his latest movie “Easter Sunday.” (PR)