Rose Succulents Are a Thing—and They’re Way Easier to Take Care Of

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Photo credit: Etsy
Photo credit: Etsy

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Dolphins, bunny ears…is there no limit to all the fun shapes a succulent can take? Apparently not! Make room for the gorgeous rose-shaped succulent called Greenovia dodrentalis (Aeonium dodrantale). Its cupped petals make this plant look like a blooming rosebud, and it can grow up to six inches, which is just about the size of an actual rose.

The beauty of keeping one, besides all these cool facts, is that, unlike with real roses, you don’t need a spacious, sun-drenched yard to grow it in. And you won’t have to be sad about cut flowers withering within a few days. Because it’s a succulent, you can keep it indoors with very little fuss and, because it’s a living plant, it will “bloom” 365 days a year and never die. A win-win for those who are challenged in the plant-parenting department.

The Greenovia dodrentalis is found primarily in the Canary Islands, but you can easily order seeds online to grow your own "rose bouquet" at home. According to World of Succulents, you want to choose a sandy loam potting mix or other soil that drains well. Like with most succulents, only water when the top layer of soil is dry to prevent water pooling at the bottom and causing root rot. You’ll want to keep the succulent near a window, but be sure not to place it directly in full sun all day, or it will get burned.

Also, the Greenovia dodrentalis isn’t the only rose-shaped succulent out there. You can order this sampler of five different rosette succulents. With minimal care, you’ll soon have a gorgeous “rose” garden indoors, all year round.

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