Route for road clearing ops dry run evaluation set

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IN PREPARATION for the actual road clearing operation evaluation, the Mandaue City Enforcement Unit (MCEU) will conduct a dry run evaluation on Feb. 16, 2021.

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) has directed all local government units to clear all national, city, municipal and barangay roads until Feb. 15 and the evaluation will be between Feb. 16 and March 2.

MCEU operations head Ernesto Bongo said the DILG 7 has instructed them to list three to 10 roads that will be evaluated.

The MCEU has finalized the list of roads and has also created the route for the evaluation.

Bongo said they will start from the Mandaue City Hall to S.B. Cabahug going to A. Soriano Ave., then to C. Seno St.

They will have a U-turn point at Highway Seno, then to A. del Rosario St. and will turn left on S.B Cabahug St., then turn right at the Pacific Mall going to U.N. Ave.

From U.N. Avenue, they will turn right to D.M. Cortes St., straight ahead to A. Soriano St. then turn right to S.B. Cabahug going back to the Mandaue City Hall.

These roads listed are the busy streets of the city.

The route will pass through barangays Centro, Guizo, Mantuyong, Ibabao-Estancia, Tipolo, Alang-alang, Cambaro and Umapad.

He said they may have proposed these streets but the evaluator may also suggest some roads to evaluate.

On the dry run evaluation, Bongo said they will check those streets included in their route, and once an obstruction will be spotted, they will immediately notify the owner and remove it.

He said they have removed most of the obstructions on the roads, however, they still expect the “come-and-go” obstructions such as illegally parked vehicles and sidewalk vendors.

The dry run evaluation will be participated by the City Road Clearing Task force which is comprised of the DILG-Mandaue, MCEU, Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and Department of General Services.

Meanwhile, Bongo said on Feb. 23, the final road clearing evaluation will be conducted by the DILG Lapu Lapu City.

He also said even after the evaluation, the city will still continue its road clearing operation. (KFD)