'Must be tinsel in my eye': Royal fans admit to crying after Queen's Christmas message

Rebecca Taylor
·Royal Correspondent
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Royal fans have admitted to crying after the Queen comforted the nation with one of her most personal Christmas messages after it was broadcast across the UK and the Commonwealth.

On Twitter, fans said they were reaching for the tissues after the Queen’s message, addressing the difficult year many have faced during the coronavirus pandemic.

One said: “Queens Speech got me all emotional with her talks of Hugs, Inclusion and Bible Teachings.”

Another added: “The nations Grandmother makes me feel comforted in these trying times.”

Owen Ward said: “I think I might have had something in my eye just at the moment when when HM said about a hug or a hand squeezed.”

Sam added: “Must be a piece of tinsel in my eye, must grab a tissue. Thank you for such a wonderful speech Your Majesty.”

Many were moved by the monarch’s mention of families being forced apart over the festive season.

She said: “Of course, for many, this time of year will be tinged with sadness: some mourning the loss of those dear to them, and others missing friends and family members distanced for safety, when all they’d really want for Christmas is a simple hug or a squeeze of the hand.

“If you are among them, you are not alone, and let me assure you of my thoughts and prayers.”

Across Twitter the message was called “beautiful” and “emotional”.

Columnist Ayesha Hazarika tweeted: “I just love the Queen. Message was spot on especially about missing loved ones & having hope. And she looked cracking in purple. Good reference to the old zooms. So hope she had leggings on under the desk.”

Britain's Queen Elizabeth and Shylah Gordon, aged 8, attach a bauble to a Christmas tree during a visit to children's charity Coram in London, Britain, December 5, 2018. REUTERS/Toby Melville     TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY
Queen Elizabeth and Shylah Gordon putting a bauble to a Christmas tree during a visit to children's charity Coram in 2018. (Reuters/Toby Melville)

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In the message, the Queen thanked frontline workers and scientists for their work fighting the pandemic, while offering her own message of hope and faith.

She said: “Today, our frontline services still shine that lamp for us – supported by the amazing achievements of modern science – and we owe them a debt of gratitude.

“We continue to be inspired by the kindness of strangers and draw comfort that – even on the darkest nights – there is hope in the new dawn.”

The Queen, who was said to be worshipping privately in the chapel inside Windsor Castle, rather than attend a public service, also touched on her Christian faith during the message.

She said: “The teachings of Christ have served as my inner light, as has the sense of purpose we can find in coming together to worship.”

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