RRQ PH's Exosen: We're going to bring out the big guns for Wild Rift Icons

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The first-ever League of Legends: Wild Rift Icons Global Championship is just around the corner, with 24 of the best Wild Rift teams from all over the world competing to become the game's first world champions and claim the lion’s share of a US$2 million prize pool.

All four of Southeast Asia's representatives in Icons are running full-steam ahead as they prepare for the tournament, including Filipino representatives Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) Philippines.

Ahead of the tournament, Yahoo Esports Southeast Asia talked to RRQ's support player, Eric "Exosen" Allen Gubatan, to know more about the team, what they are looking forward to in Icons, and how they are preparing for the battles ahead.

It was RRQ's dream to participate in Icons, Exosen revealed, so the team were elated after they secured a spot in the world championship tournament by defeating fellow Filipino team Fennel Adversity in the lower bracket quarterfinals of the Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia (WCS) Finals 2022.

“This is one of the biggest tournaments in Wild Rift, and we’re going to do our best to perform very well. I hope we can get out of [the Group Stage],” said Exosen.

Before joining RRQ's Wild Rift team, Exosen was a veteran from the League of Legends (LoL) PC version's esports scene since 2012.

An esports veteran by now, Exosen has played for squads like Mineski, Manila Eagles, and Liyab Esports, even joining the Mineski roster for the LoL World Championship in 2013, where the team placed 13th-14th.

He signed with RRQ in November 2021, transitioning to LoL's mobile version after its release in Southeast Asia.

RRQ will be entering Icons as the third seed for Southeast Asia after losing to eventual WCS champions Flash Wolves 4-2 in the lower bracket finals.

RRQ Philippines have been preparing a lot for Wild Rift Icons. Photo: RRQ Philippines.
RRQ Philippines' Wild Rift roster will be one of the four teams carrying the banner for Southeast Asia at the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship. (Photo: RRQ Philippines)

Exosen said his team learned a lot from their clashes with Flash Wolves, whom they faced and lost to twice during the WCS Finals.

“When we faced Flash Wolves, we learned to prioritize some champions that can fit with our play style,” Exosen said.

RRQ made themselves known for the draft curveballs they threw against opponents during the WCS Finals, which allowed them to deal four losses to Flash Wolves — two games in the second round of the upper bracket and two games at the lower bracket finals.

The Filipino squad notably pulled out a double-assassin draft in game three of the lower bracket finals, which allowed them to continually shred through Flash Wolves to take the first of their two wins in that series.

Another unlikely draft let RRQ win game four, as they made good use of a Lux ADC in the bot lane and a Lee Sin that disrupted teamfights and provided shielding.

While the Filipino squad ultimately lost that series, they showcased their potential to blindside and take wins off stronger opponents like Flash Wolves.

This time, Exosen is confident his team will be the ones to emerge victorious in Icons.

“The next time we face them, we’re going to bring out the big guns,” added Exosen.

But in order to do that, RRQ have kept themselves very busy preparing for Icons.

“Just like usual, we set up scrims, and practice [against] some teams from other regions," Exosen said when asked about the team's preparations.

On top of practising their gameplay, the RRQ shot-caller said that they also take the time to "brainstorm some items or strategies to use".

At the WCS Finals, Exosen has been compared by many to James "Hamezz" Santos, who was dubbed "General Hamezz" for leading Team Secret to take second place at WCS 2021 and third place at the 2021 Wild Rift Horizon Cup.

Exosen, RRQ's Support player has veteran experience from being a LoL Esports player. Photo: Exosen Official Facebook Page.
Exosen is a veteran presence in RRQ, having spent much of his esports career competing in League of Legends' PC version. (Photo: Exosen Official Facebook page)

"Because I’m also a veteran just like Hamezz, my teammates listens to me very well and they are very cooperative whenever I 'shot call'," said Exosen. "I think our team is very mechanical. We can outplay the opponents."

While Exosen is confident his team will come out on top against any opponent at Icons, he said they are looking forward to facing the Chinese teams.

Last year, China's Wild Rift League (WRL) dominated the Horizon Cup, with Da Kun Gaming taking the championship title while Thunder Talk Gaming finished second.

For Icons, China has four representatives: WRL champions FunPlus Phoenix, JD Gaming, Nova Esports, and J Team. Exosen and RRQ already have their eyes set on Nova Esports.

“We really want to face Nova Esports because they said their jungle is very good and we really want to test our strengths,” said Exosen.

RRQ themselves are known for their stellar jungler, Charles "Chazz" Esguerra, to the point where analysts and casters have dubbed his flashy plays as "The Chazz Experience".

This is also not the first time for Exosen participating in a world championship tournament, and he's hopeful that his second time in this big stage will be more successful than his first — at LoL Season 3’s World Championship under Mineski.

"We didn’t have any resources that time, unlike the other big teams. Maybe this time we can put up a good fight because we also have a very supportive [organisation]," said Exosen.

Exosen elaborated that the organisation have been diligent in training the team and providing them a bootcamp and all the resources that need to excel.

Over the course of the season, RRQ have been working on role swaps and identifying issues they had from the previous season.

Beyond strategy, RRQ’s CEO, Calvin Victor Themdeban, mentioned in the pre-tournament press conference for the WCS Finals 2022 that RRQ also invested in psychologists to help build the team’s mental resilience.

Training and preparation aside, Exosen hopes that the fans will support his team in the upcoming tournament, whether they win or even when they lose.

Wild Rift Icons will kick off on Tuesday (14 June), starting with the Play-ins stage.

RRQ will have their first match on the tournament opening day against Unsold Stuff Gaming. Fans can watch the tournament online through the official Wild Rift Twitch and YouTube channels.

For everything you need to know about the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship, check here.

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