Running With Color Manila 2013

Indeed, the happiest run finally hit the metro. Brought to us by Proactive Sports and KangaROOS, Color Manila Run 2013 had us racing through clouds of and crowds in rainbow colors! I must say that aside from the good run and breaking of the morning sun, running through yellows, blues, pinks, greens and purples must have stretched our staying power as we dashed to the finish line in all our powder-splattered glory.

Colorful Idea

My husband's good friend and owner of Proactive Sports, Jay Em, told me that it was only by hosting a couple of missionaries who were planning to join a "colored-concept fun run in the States," that got him started with the idea. Nevertheless, Jay Em knew better and added a more local flavor, less Western, and more proudly third world, "Color Manila Run is inspired by color-concept fun run events in the US such as "Color Me Rad" and "The Color Run." But as I looked deeper, I realized that India has been celebrating their colored festival (Holi) long before the Westerns started colored fun run events. That's when we realized it is better to create local versions- as they say "It's More Fun In The Philippines."

Color and Lights

Jay Em also says it isn't an accident to place the running event at the beginning of the year, "We specifically scheduled it to be the very first race of the year so to encourage everyone to start the year with a right lifestyle and engage in a physical activity such as running." With over 5,600 registrants, the event definitely turned out to be a success. Friends who missed the run were filled with regret after seeing some pictures I posted on Instagram. But having missed the information on this one, those who are still interested to join another photogenic running event will be glad to know there's another one coming up! "We are now about to launch the second part of Color Manila Run. This time it's going to be at night (9:00PM- 12:00AM), where registrants are issued with LED flickering lights. This is to ensure that all are visually seen by everyone. I'm sure photographers will enjoy taking photos of thousands of flickering lights all moving in harmony. Also, since this event will start after business hours, we can now use the main roads in BGC and allow our runners to pass though the scenic spots in the area. And of course, as always, we have a surprise for everyone that awaits them at certain Color Stations along the route and at the black light activity area (that's right black light!). This event is scheduled this February 23, 2013 Saturday evening." If not in Manila, take note that Proactive also regularly organizes fun run events in other cities like Cebu, Bulusan, and Subic. And for the more serious runners, Jay Em adds, "God-willing, we'll also be able to launch a full marathon event."

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