Sabalones, whom PDEA think is alive, cremated by family on Aug. 28

A DAY after the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency expressed doubts whether it was self-confessed drug lord Franz Sabalones who was killed in Quezon City earlier this year, SunStar Superbalita learned the family of the slain drug lord took his body on Aug. 28, 2019 yet.

P/Maj. ELmer Monsalve of the Quezon City Police District told Superbalita Cebu that on Aug. 28, a man identifying himself as Atty. Ronald Segundino Ching went to Saint Rudy Funeral Services to claim the body. He showed papers proving that the family of Sabalones has hired him.

“The lawyer got the body already and they showed the right documents. We have a process and those who claim bodies need to prove that they are the family members of the deceased,” he said.

Sabalones’ body was brought to St. Nathaniel Crematory and his cremation was attended by his mother, family and close friends.

A source within the QCPD said the family paid almost P2 million to get the body.

“The funeral parlor took advantage of them. The first bill presented was for P1.8 million but when they came to get the body, it reached P2 million. The funeral parlor believed that Sabalones had a lot of money,” the official said.

To remove doubts, the family also presented a DNA test that prove the body was that of the slain self-confessed drug lord.

The official also said they still have no idea who killed Sabalones on April 18 but they think his involvement in illegal drugs may be a factor.

Earlier, PDEA 7 expressed doubt whether it was Sabalones who was killed in the absence of identifying proof.

However, PDEA 7 assistant director Thessa Albana-Tiuzen refused to comment on whether Sabalones is dead or alive. (AYB)