Samboan identifies dead body found in shore

A MAN was found floating off the shores of Samboan, Cebu on Wednesday morning, Jan. 22, 2020.

Police Master Sargeant Beethoven Rocamora of the Samboan Police Station identified the man as Christopher Sabello, 45, a resident of Sta. Cruz Nuevo, Tanjay City in Negros Oriental.

Rocamora said they initially tried to get the identity of the person by asking the neighboring towns of Samboan but no one was able to identify him.

They got in touch with the police station in Tanjay in Negros and they were able to talk with Rogelio Sabello, the father of the dead person. He was able to identify his son based on the clothes.

Rogelio said that his son barely ate for almost a week from Jan. 5 until Jan. 12 and kept on drinking alcohol.

He suspected that Christopher was having some personal problems that he would not share.

He was last seen alive on Sunday, Jan. 19 before his body washed ashore in Samboan town on Jan. 22.

Rocamora also said there was a huge wound on the neck of Christopher and they suspect he hit something sharp while he was floating.

Rogelio has decided to decline a request of the Samboan police to have the body undergo an autopsy. (BBT)