Samboan suspends issuance of LGU acceptance letters

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TO PREVENT the spread of Covid-19 in the town, the local government of Samboan has suspended the issuance of LGU acceptance letters for all locally stranded individuals (LSIs) from other provinces starting today until Jan. 31.

According to what has been agreed on by the barangay captains along with the anti-Covid-19 team, only Samboan residents who are stranded in Cebu Province and have been issued an LGU acceptance letter, can return to the town.

However, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) with court appearance and those with emergency response are allowed to return home or travel abroad.

All Samboan residents are allowed to leave the town for the most important and valid reason and must return on the same day with the Mayor Travel Pass and medical certificate.

Apart from this, the town has also tightened its rules regarding quarantine protocol. Before, home quarantine was prohibited by the town.

The new order allows home quarantine as long as the patient’s home is exclusive for him for 14 to 21 days with the permission of the Rural Health Unit (RHU) doctor.

Since gatherings are not allowed, people from other municipalities are not allowed to enter Samboan during its fiesta.

If there is a wedding, one may invite guests but they must not exceed 20 to 25 and must have the approval of the mayor, a medical certificate, PNP Travel Authority and LGU acceptance letter.

It is also not possible to stay overnight except for the newlywed couples. For authorized persons outside of residence (Apor), they are only allowed to go out for work and for essential needs.

To ensure safety, wearing of masks and face shields is required or else the offenders will be fined up to P500.

Everyone is also advised to bring relevant documents as the checkpoint in town is still ongoing. According to the data on Jan. 15, Samboan has three new Covid-19 cases that are all LSIs. (ANV / MMC)