Samsam takes pride in new programs, vows to better his constituents’ lives

GERALD Anthony “Samsam” Gullas Jr., the first-term mayor of Talisay City, Cebu, felt pride in creating the Aksyon Agad Team (AAT), which responds to any complaints of his constituents.

The problem could be about a blocked drainage that can cause flooding. The AAT members can also fix electrical problems, and cut branches of trees that block houses or roads.

The team tries to seek solutions no matter how small a Talisaynon’s problem is.

“Our AAT was also instrumental in addressing various flooding issues in the city, including those in Barangays Bulacao and Linao, and in the South Coastal Road,” Gullas told Superbalita.

New programs

In his first six months as mayor, from July to December 2019, Gullas said his administration introduced new programs that complemented the existing ones and made the City’s services more efficient.

One of the new programs that Gullas created was the Immediate Action Desk (IAD) at the Talisay City District Hospital.

The IAD is designed to assist Talisaynons who are in a critical situation, and give them immediate medical and financial assistance. Since the IAD’s creation last July, the City has served at least 3,450 Talisaynons, and it has spent over P4 million for them.

Gullas also initiated the Womb-to-Tomb program, which gives a pregnant Talisaynon maternity care, offers funeral and burial services, and medical laboratory services. All of these are free of charge.

The City listed more than 400 residents eligible for the program. Of the number, 128 Talisaynons availed themselves of laboratory services, while 300 others availed themselves of the burial assistance for their deceased loved ones.

From July to December, the City spent P500 million to help residents displaced by fire.

In the field of education, the new administration provided assistance to the Talisay City Schools Division by creating the Cream-of-the-Crop scholarship program for the poor but deserving students of the city.

Gullas said he is also focusing on solid waste management as he does not want the city’s drainage to be clogged with garbage and cause floods in several areas. Last June, the trash-clogged canal system in Barangays Bulacao and Tabunok caused heavy flooding, stalling traffic and stranding thousands of commuters.

For this year, Gullas said he will continue to develop more programs that would serve his constituents for the better.

“Once all is in place, we can slowly move to our vision of being a tourism gateway and destination,” he said. (FMD)