Samsung smartwatch patents revealed

A USB port, a speaker-mic and capacitive back and menu buttons may be part of the upcoming Samsung "Gear" line of wearable tech, based on patents filed by the company.

Samsung enthusiast site SamMobile reported it found the patents with the Korea Institute of Patent Information, showing a detailed prototype design.

"You can make quite a few things, such as the placement of the power button, USB port, speaker/mic, and capacitive back and menu buttons, though again, these could just be part of the concept and may be placed differently," it said.

It noted Samsung is expected to announce its first smartwatch, said to named Samsung Gear, on September 4.

SamMobile said the patent was registered on May 31, and mentions the model number SM-V700 in the patent filing.

However, the site also pointed out the concept design "may or may not make it to the actual product, though the final design should be something similar."

Korea-based Samsung has been among the tech giants battling for supremacy in mobile, including the smartphone and tablet arenas. — TJD, GMA News