San Remigio LGU reminds public ‘San Remegio’ is wrong

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THE Municipal Government of San Remigio in northern Cebu has reminded the public that it is incorrect to spell the town’s name in “San Remegio.”

On Nov. 5, 2010, the Municipal Council passed Resolution 168-2010 reminding everyone that the town’s name is spelled as San Remigio.

Nearly 11 years have passed, the local government still notices misspellings on the signage of private establishments, including the road signage put up by the Department of Public Works and Highways.

“Balikon ta (Once again): A resolution respectfully informing all Government Agencies, Companies or Business Establishments and other Public concern to take note that the correct spelling of the municipality’s name is San Remigio, not San Remegio,” read the municipality’s statement.

According to the historical records of 1864 cited by the local government, the name of the town comes from the name of Spanish sentry Remigio Multon.

However, it did not explain how Multon got the title, “San,” the Spanish for saint. A Wikipedia article states that San Remigio was named after Church of San Remigio in Italy.

San Remigio is known to have the longest beach. The town is famous for its diving and swimming activities. (ANV / KAL)