Sanden launches cold chain solutions for transport, storage of Covid-19 vaccine

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THE world is currently at war—a war against an invisible enemy which has caused multitudes of deaths, joblessness and innumerable sufferings to people all over the world. That is why everyone needs to be equipped. Everyone needs to be jabbed. People need vaccines.

Adopting a proper cold chain management in ensuring the potency of temperature-sensitive Covid-19 vaccines—from production to administration—has been the challenge faced by pharmaceutical companies.

In keeping with its commitment to providing innovative and dependable means in meeting the demands of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, Sanden Cold Chain System Philippines (SCP) has introduced cold chain solutions designed to protect and maintain vaccine viability—from transport and delivery to cold storage, including remote monitoring of the storage equipment. Its partnership with Arctiko, widely regarded as one of the world’s most innovative providers of cooling and freezing solutions, primarily in the healthcare industry, guarantees proper storage of vaccines on every level of the cold chain process.

Arctiko’s products engineered with reliable and highly efficient technology to meet vaccine storage requirements set by the leading manufacturers of Covid-19 vaccines, are US FDA-approved, and certified with ISO13485. A quality management system ensures that the products meet the EU directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices, and ISO 9001, which ensures high-quality standard in production.

The cold chain system plays an important role in the success of the government’s vaccination program. “Sanden is committed in providing its customers with highly advanced transport refrigeration system and strict monitoring of storage equipment to ensure and maintain the quality of the vaccine,” said Osamu Ikeda, SCP president.

Sanden believes that together, everyone will win this war. SPONSORED CONTENT