Santa Cruz chapel renovated

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BARANGAY Daanlungsod was the first site of the town proper of Alcoy during the Spanish regime in the island. It was in 1840 that a small church and a communal house was built for the priest to stay. The former name of the place was Mambaje and was requested by the priest to become a town, so that on July 16, 1867, Mambaje officially became a town headed by a captain who was under the supervision of the parish priest of Boljoon, a southern town next to Alcoy in modern Cebu.

In 1868, about a year after Mambaje became a town, the Spaniards changed the name of the place to Alcoy, a name similar to a town in Spain. Due to succession of leaders, the seat of the town’s government was transferred to a new site, which is now Poblacion, and Mambaje became a barrio called Daanlungsod.

Barangay Daanlungsod, having a small church built long ago, had a belief in Santa Cruz where people believed that God was crucified because of their sins. This started the people of Barangay Daanlungsod to hold a fiesta in honor of Santa Cruz.

The Santa Cruz fiesta was held every September, but the ancient inhabitants believed that the month of May was the best month to celebrate the feast. Now the feast is observed every third of May.

Sometime in 1980, the chapel in Daanlungsod was improved by the people through the efforts of the chapel officers who raised funds for the tiling of the floor. However as years passed, the walls were cracked due to typhoons and the occurrence of a strong earthquake. Ceilings were also defective and needed major repair.

Volunteer couple

In February 2021, spouses Michael and Lilian Nayga, residents of Daanlungsod, volunteered to conduct major repairs on the chapel. Ceilings were fixed and cracked walls were repaired. They hired interior designer Vic Kaycee “Boding” Balbona to fix the design of the altar and everything inside the chapel. The lighting and ceiling fans were also changed and arranged, golden angels were placed at the altar and the doorstep was improved and tiled. Every angle of the chapel looks spectacular on its new design and paintings.

The Nayga couple tried very much to have the chapel be blessed before the first novenary day for its feast day. It was estimated that the job would be finished on April 20, so that the blessing would be done on 22nd. Fortunately, the target date was met.

On April 22, the blessing of the newly renovated chapel was done at 3 p.m. by Msgr. Arthur Navales of Nuestra Señora de Maria Parish of Boljoon. He was accompanied by Fr. Vir Pedrano, parish priest of Santa Rosa de Lima; Fr. Jerald Pinay, administrator of the Parochial School of Naga; and Fr. Villy Jean Cortes of San Isidro Labrador Church of Nug-as, Alcoy, which is on its way to become a parish.

After the mass, a dinner followed at Casa Rita.