Sausage factory worker dies stuck in ‘meat mixer’

A man literally fell victim to a freak accident on Saturday when a part of his body was dragged inside a “meat mixer” in a sausage factory in Iloilo City.

It had only been two weeks since victim Jomar Junco, 18, started working in the factory in the village of Mansaya-Lapuz, La Paz district when his right arm got caught in the meat mixer, Police Chief Master Sargeant Jerwin Servano of the La Paz Police told Coconuts Manila.

The gruesome incident happened at around 7:30am. Police patrol and investigators went to the scene at around 9am, after Village Chairman Ricardo Diño called them about what happened.

Most media outlets are reporting that Junco was stuck inside a grinder but both the police and a representative from the Porras Funeral Homes said that it was actually a meat mixer.

Because the electric meat mixer was on, it continued to drag Junco’s body into the machine. It only stopped when his co-workers saw what was happening and a certain Carl David Carlos unplugged the meat mixer. By then, about half of Junco’s body was already inside the machine, as seen in photos acquired by media.

“The mixer was intense because it was really an electric machine,” Servano said in Filipino.

However, he clarified that based on their investigation, the incident was purely an accident and that no foul play was involved.

Junco’s body is now at the Porras Funeral Homes in La Paz’s Luna St.

According to Funeral Director Ardee Porras, the victim’s body was still intact when it was recovered from the machine. She thinks Junco may have suffocated while stuck in the mixer but both the funeral parlor and the police are still waiting for an official medical report to determine the cause of death.

Clarification: An earlier version of this story referred to the machine as a meat grinder. Subsequent discussions with police and the funeral home revealed that it was actually a meat mixer.

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