Saying it with colors

Monica R. Lopez

FASHION designer Bree Esplanada recently showcased his new designs bearing the theme “Colors of the Rainbow,” a four-piece capsule collection.

Known for his collections with that romantic Edwardian aesthetic, Bree’s new designs evoke a playfulness on colors paired with that essence of childlike wonder—all thanks to a trip to a retail store.

“When I was in New Zealand for the winter, my sister and I went to this craft store named Spotlight and, upon looking at things, I saw a section where it sold these iron-on prints. Most of them were cute watercolor animal designs. So as a certified hoarder, I bought all of them,” he shared. From there, he was geared up on making a new collection. “When I got back, Mikhail Achas, Eve Navales [fellow designers] and I planned a photo shoot with our own designs. I really wanted to do color for this shoot since I’ve been doing dark colors for years. So I took inspiration from the iron-on prints and children’s illustration books, and created these colorful and fun pieces.”

The four-piece collection was made using tulle, lace and glass beads for embellishments. Meanwhile, techniques like fabric dyeing, manipulation for the tea length skirt, and strategic layering and dividing were incorporated to achieve the desired look—the ombré rainbow effect Bree wanted.

But is it formal, casual or black tie? The answer is yes to all. It’s not rocket science. It’s a dress made to wear in order to stand out and simply have fun with it.

“Since I’ve created separates, you can easily mix and match every piece and even pair it with other garments not from the collection,” said Bree.


Designer: Bree Esplanada

Models: Kristine and Melanie, Stacey’s Model Management

Photographers: Phoebe Kate Espejo and Richard John Pozon

HMUA: Jessie Lastimosa