SB19's first overseas tour will show the world that 'Filipinos are good and talented'

P-pop group SB19 at a media conference in the Philippines for their single
P-pop group SB19 at a media conference in the Philippines for their single "WYAT (Where You At)" on September 13, 2022. (Photo: SB19/Facebook)

P-pop kings SB19 have made a comeback with their latest single, "WYAT" – and together with the track's release, the group has embarked on a tour that has begun in the Philippines but will also travel to international venues for the first time.

Since its September 2 release, "WYAT", SB19's first full English-language single, has made waves globally, reaching No. 1 on iTunes Chart in several territories and entering the chart in a total of 14 territories.

The WYAT [Where You At] Tour kicked off in Manila on September 17 at Araneta Coliseum, to be followed by shows in Clark, Cebu, Pampanga, and Davao.

From October onward, SB19 will tour overseas for the first time, making stops in Dubai, New York, Los Angeles and Singapore.

Ahead of their tour, the members of SB19 held a media conference on September 13.

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Pablo, the group's leader and songwriter, said at the media conference, "Honestly, I’m really nervous about the tour. But when you get nervous, that only means you really love what you do because you want to do better. I also believe that first impressions last. We want to showcase Filipino talent and leave a good impression on foreign audiences that will make them go, ‘Ah, Filipinos are good and talented.’"

Sub-vocalist and creative director Justin said, "We’re very nervous especially since we will be performing also for international fans. Of course, they have different standards. We have performed several times here in the Philippines. We still get nervous, but the confidence is there. But if you go international—no matter how much you prepare—you have no idea how the people will receive us."

The members shared that they had been training very hard with dance and voice coaches. “The training we undergo is very physically demanding. We’re thankful to our trainers who are there to help us focus. They’re a big help,” said main dancer Ken. “Singing and dancing at the same time is tiring, so building our endurance is a big thing. We’re not perfect singers, but now we’re more conscious about our singing. It’s good that there are people guiding us.”

SB19 first performed “WYAT” during their third anniversary virtual show last year. Since then, Pablo reworked the song in order to release it as a single.

“It has been a year since we performed ‘WYAT’ in our third anniversary concert. And from there, it has evolved to what it is today in terms of choreography, musicality and aesthetic,” main vocalist Stell said.

Lead rapper Josh said the new single is about reconnecting with people physically after three years of undergoing a pandemic.

“The world stopped and we lost that physical connection. And we missed that. Everything had to be done online... we got used to things happening online,” Josh said. “Now, we’re trying to reconnect again. This song reminds us that nothing still beats physical connection.”

Read more about SB19's concept for the song and music video here.

SB19 is managed by the Philippine subsidiary of South Korean management company ShowBT, which explains their global appeal owing to their blending of K-pop and P-pop.

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