New scam exploits Facebook mobile app

A new scam is making the rounds of social networking site Facebook by exploiting the mobile messaging app "WhatsApp," a security vendor warned.

Trend Micro said in a blog post that users may encounter this scam via Facebook notification requests or the “Likes” of their contacts.

"Interestingly, users are lead to a user’s agreement page that appears to target mobile users. The page contains icons of different mobile device OS to appear legitimate," it said.

Users are redirected to a fake WhatsApp Facebook page that requires users’ permissions, Trend Micro said.

Once app permission request is granted, the page displays other Facebook users, usually victims’ own contacts, who are supposedly using the WhatsApp app.

But when users agree and give permission to the app, they are led to different pages, which vary depending on the victim’s location.

"For users located in countries such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Great Britian, they are lead to a fake Starbucks giftcard page. Those who are not located in any of these countries are lead to a different page containing an image," Trend Micro said.

On the other hand, it said the new scam suggests similar Facebook scams in the future involving links to fake Android apps. — TJD, GMA News