Scavengers turned farmers sell vegetables harvested at former dumpsite

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A PICK-AND-PAY activity garden can now be enjoyed by the public at the Mandaue City Green Learning Park located in the former dumpsite in Barangay Umapad.

The City was inspired by the strawberry-picking activity in Baguio City.

But instead of strawberries, the public can pick from 17 types of vegetables like eggplant, lettuce, cucumber and green chili, among others, that have been planted on the one-hectare lot.

With the support of the Department of General Services, the 180 families living in the area abandoned scavenging and turned to planting vegetables as a livelihood.

Genibel Jayme, the residents’ spokesperson, said they started to plant vegetables last December.

In February, residents enjoyed their first harvest.

Now that the vegetables have grown, Jayme said they’ve opened their doors to the public for a pick-and-pay activity.

She said they sell by the kilo and their prices are much cheaper compared to the prices in the market and groceries.

She said when residents harvest vegetables, they post it on their Facebook accounts.

As a result, they’ve received orders for several kilos of vegetables even before harvest, she said. (KFD)