‘School of Swipe’ here to help one’s dating journey

THE world of virtual dating is indeed a vast place for anyone to be in. Online dating really has its pros and cons, so it is important that you take the necessary precautions to safely navigate your way around the internet while connecting with other people.

Fret no more because here to give a crash course on how to safely go around looking for the perfect significant as well as tips on how to have the best time with the person that you matched is School of Swipe!

Tinder, the world’s largest dating site, has now launched a campaign that guides their users to safely navigate their way through the virtual world of dating. School of Swipe is your virtual “ate” and “kuya” that will not only help and assist you in exploring your way around the internet safely by providing you the necessary tips as well as services features such as reporting the user and blocking them, if necessary, but also lets you find communities that are in line with your personal interests.

In its virtual launch that took place on a Zoom meeting on Nov. 11, communications leader of Tinder Philippines, Rhea Malvai stated that dating plays a huge part in the Filipino culture and how Filipinos are always looking for ways to connect. School of Swipe is the perfect place for Tinder users to look for tips on how to properly connect with people from the virtual phase to the “IRL” or “In real life” phase. There is a safety syllabus as well where users will learn about the red flags in dating.

School of Swipe has been a long-time project that started in Singapore that branched its way to Spain and is now available here in the Philippines.

Nothing is more important than safety and that is what School of Swipe does—to educate users on the precautions of online dating and how to nail your way through it and find the connection that you always hoped for.

Check out School of Swipe and take a crash course on how to safely make your way into the dating world and connect with multiple people until it is a match.