Seares: President ‘must kill’; concurrent from joint resolution; ABS-CBN teleserye

Pachico A. Seares

Presidential qualification

WHAT MAKES ONE FIT TO BE PRESIDENT. It’s not in the Constitution and won’t ever be but President Duterte last Tuesday (March 3, 2020), speaking before newly appointed government officials, added a new requirement for a good president: one is fit to be president, he said, “only if you know how to kill and you’re not afraid to die.”

And he said he doesn’t see anyone among the crop of young leaders who want, or are being groomed, to be president who have those qualities.

Before he or his communicators will explain it away as something that shouldn’t be taken literally, one must wonder if the actual killing must be done by the president himself. He said, “Nothing will happen to you and nothing will happen to the country if all you do is give orders.” And this puzzler: Whom will a “fit” president have to kill?

How to convince voters

‘HUMPING’ THE FLAG. U.S. President Trump did it before during the election campaign in his run for the first term of his presidency. He embraced and kissed the American flag.

A think tank based in London later was credited for suggesting the campaign gimmick to display deep love of country.

Last Saturday (Feb. 29), at a grassroots conservative rally, at the end of his rambling speech, Trump hugged, kissed and called the Amercican flag on stage, “Baby.” Short of the “humping” that standup comedians see in the political stunt.

Resolutions: an explainer

ABS-CBN TELESERYE: First, Sen. Franklin Drilon filed a joint resolution and a concurrent resolution seeking to extend the franchise of ABS-CBN until Dec. 31, 2022.

Last Monday, March 2, the senators, now numbering 10 senators, filed a concurrent resolution allowing the broadcast network to operate until Congress has decided on pending bills about its franchise.

The first effort is twin-barreled and aims high: extension of franchise until the yearend of 2022. The second, a last-minute attempt, scales down aspirations: just a concurrent resolution and just for the period during which the bills are discussed.

What’s the difference between joint resolution and concurrent resolution: The joint resolution is just like a bill and has the force of a law when approved; like a bill, it requires the signature of the president. A concurrent resolution merely expresses “the sense of Congress” and does not need the president’s signature.

The concurrent resolution, the last-ditch attempt, looks easier only because it doesn’t require the president’s OK. But does’t have the force of the law and might be ignored by the National Telecommunications Commission.

The ABS-CBN teleserye on its own life is getting more suspenseful by each twist and turn of the country’s leaders.

Actual demonstration

OPRAH WINFREY’S FALL. It happened to speakers before: stumbling and falling on stage while the audience watches in rapt attention, then gasp or laugh at the sight.

But did anyone of them fall, as U.S. entertainment legend Oprah Winfrey did last Saturday, Feb. 29, while talking about keeping one’s balance in life?

She was talking to her audience, something like “Wellness to me means all things are in balance and balance doesn’t mean all things are equal in all places all the time...”

Then, the news report says, she began to fall and land on her side before she sat up.

How’s that for irony or plain coincidence, demonstrating actually her message instead of putting it on the screen as visual aid.

The veteran performer that she is, she later said “It’s nice to be talking about balance and falling, Jesus, Lord, you’re so funny, Lord you’re so funny.”