These seat protecting kick mats are 15% off today

Autoblog Staff

There's just something about the backside of a seat that makes a kid want to kick it. We're not sure where the impulse comes from, but it's been around forever. You were a kid once, you get it. Sometimes you've just got to kick a seat. Unfortunately though, as adults, it's difficult to accept the reality of the call to kick. If you've been fighting a losing battle with your children, maybe it's time to call in some reinforcements. This kick mat won't stop your kid from kicking, but there's a good chance that's a losing battle anyway. What it will do is protect your seat from all of the dirt and damage that comes with a frequent seat kicker. If you're in the market for some extra seat protection, this two-pack of kick mats is 15% off today bringing the price down to $12.69. You can check out the deal here for a limited time.

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