SEC: Watch out for online ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes

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EVERYBODY wanted to be rich but others wanted the easy and quick way thus exist schemes that would lure innocent investors to fall into the scheme.

The Securities and Exchange Commission-Cebu Extension Office (SEC-CEO) warned the public on the presence of “get-rich-quick” online investment schemes and franchising.

Atty. Alma Marie Dalena, SEC-CEO officer-in-charge said, “it is timely that we are issuing this call to the public when we’re celebrating International Women’s Day as these scammers are likely to entice mostly women who are left at home or are busy at work and juggling finances while facing this global health crisis.”

Since January this year, the SEC has already issued at least 8 advisories warning the public of several Ponzi-scheme investment scams that included:

  • Masa Mart Business Center OPC and Masa Mart Enterprise OPC,

  • Royal O’ Financial Consultancy Services,

  • Solmax Global Limited and Igniter 100,

  • Jamsmart,

  • Bitaccelelerate/,

  • R.L. Aggregates and Diversified Lending Group, Inc., and

  • RGS World Marketing Corporation/RGS Online Shop/ RGS Online Marketing and RGS Foundation.

SEC-CEO encourages anyone who have information regarding any investment solicitation by any groups or individuals representing the said entities to report the matter by emailing

Financially, the effects of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic has brought such economic upheaval in the purses of the people and the presence of this get-rich-quick schemes are enticing to the public who are in need of money.

The women sector is particularly vulnerable as they principally hold the power of the purse.

Thus, Dalena urged the public, especially women, to be vigilant in dealing with these companies or their representatives.

“Bear in mind that the SEC company registration or the articles of incorporation is not proof that a corporation can solicit investments. Before they can do that, they must first secure a secondary license from the commission for them to engage in the sale of securities,” Dalena said.

Under SEC rules, the corporate registration does not grant authority to sell investment instruments such as securities, bonds, commercial papers, or similar financial instruments.

Only investment houses and financing companies with quasi-banking license and with SEC registered securities may offer to sell to more than 19 investors, the SEC-CEO official added.

Also, those who are authorized to sell or offer SEC registered securities to the public are only SEC registered persons like brokers, dealers or sales person.

Dalena encouraged the public to regularly check the Commission’s official website and read the Advisories section, before you invest, check with SEC.

She furthered said that the SEC is relentless in its efforts in protecting would-be investors asking them to email their office through to verify if a certain corporation is authorized to engage in investment-taking.(PR)