You need to see Maura Higgins with a blocky 70s-style fringe

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Photo credit: Jo Hale - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jo Hale - Getty Images

Fringes baffle me sometimes. On others, they can look super chic and stylish, falling perfectly to frame the face. But the one time I dared to brave getting a full fringe, I looked like a child.

I also don’t get how people can have fringes in the peak of summer without them getting all sweaty and sticking down to your forehead. So, it makes sense that if you were going to get one, you do it during autumn and winter.

At least, that’s what Beyoncé did when she got a blocky full fringe inspired by her Me, Myself & I music video. Then, Zendaya pleasantly surprised us all with a new eyebrow-skimming fringe.

Now, Love Island’s Maura Higgins has joined the blocky fringe club and I have to say, it really, really suits her.

The TV personality posted a picture on Instagram with the clever caption, “she bangs”. Totally writing that one down in case I ever dare a fringe again.

In the picture, her long hair is styled into beachy waves and she has a suuuper thick and blocky fringe that skims her eyelids.

The shape of the fringe paired with her cat-eye eyeliner is serving pure 70s goddess vibes. It suits her so much – except after some digging around, it turns out that Maura's fringe isn't actually real.

Her hairstylist Carl Bembrige posted a picture of the look, writing: "She Bangs! @maurahiggins. Who is loving the FAUX FRINGE!?"

He added: "I love how hair pieces can transform a look."

Oh. Well, they had me totally fooled. Maybe faux fringes are the way to go...

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