See's Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard were "disappointed" the Apple TV+ series CGI-d their eyes

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It'd be fair to say that flagship Apple TV+ series See and The Morning Show have been met with mixed reviews, but it turns out critics aren't the only ones a little disappointed.

See, starring Aquaman's Jason Momoa and Luke Cage's Alfre Woodard, is set in a post-apocalyptic world where sight has been almost entirely wiped out – that is, until Momoa's Baba Voss becomes a father to two children who can see.

Ahead of filming, the cast underwent extensive training in order to authentically portray the loss of sight. Sleep shades were used in preparation, and blindness consultant Joe Strechay was also on-hand throughout the project.

And herein lies the problem.

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Speaking to Digital Spy and other media, Jason Momoa explained how "challenging" it was for the cast to embody blindness when they aren't actually blind. "It's all digital, for our eyes," he said. "But even if you didn't see that, you could see it in our acting.

"You can't just look at someone and be like, 'They'll just remove the eyes.' Even when we're fighting – or when I'm fighting – you can't look at the person."

While sharing her thoughts on the editing process, Alfre Woodard, who plays Paris, admitted her disappointment: "Everybody had to come up with a way of appearing blind.

Photo credit: Apple

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"I must say, I was disappointed when they CGI-d our pupils, because everybody… like, you'd look around with 50 people, and everybody had a different way," she said.

"Because everybody's blindness is different."

So viewers can decide for themselves whether to avoid eye contact altogether.

See, along with The Morning Show, is available on Apple TV+ from today (November 1).

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