Selena Gomez gets tough questions from kid interviewers

Selena Gomez talks Hotel Transylvania: Transformania and more with kid interviewers Lyla and Luna.

Video Transcript

- Hi, I'm Lyla.

- Hi, I'm Luna.

- And our dad works for Yahoo! where he interviews celebrities.

- Now, it's our turn.

- Today, we're talking to Selena Gomez, star of "Hotel Transylvania."

- Transformania!


- Who are those guys?

- It's me, Uncle Griffin. You don't recognize me?

- I've literally never seen you before.

- Girls, say hi to Selena.

BOTH: Hi, Selena.

SELENA GOMEZ: Hi, girls. I'm so excited to be interviewed by you.

- You're so pretty.

SELENA GOMEZ: Oh, thank you, so are you.

- What do you like about being a cartoon?

SELENA GOMEZ: Being a cartoon is so fun. I get to just be silly in my pajamas, basically. I go behind a little recording booth and I have the best time. It's been 10 years and there's four movies now, so it's so fun. And making people laugh is the best feeling in the world.

- Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.

- Is it true that Is the last "Hotel Transylvania?" Why are you going to make us sad like that?

SELENA GOMEZ: I know. I don't-- you know what, you just never know what's going to happen, so you never know.

- No, this can't be the last one.

SELENA GOMEZ: I know, you're right. I got to tell them.

- Luna's just finding out. Luna will give you everything in her piggy bank if you make another one. She has like $13.

- No, I have like $30.

- Will you take $30?


SELENA GOMEZ: I would never take your money, but I would do anything to make you smile.

- If you're a vampire, why don't you eat people in the face?

- In the neck. Vampires eat people in the neck-- bite people.

SELENA GOMEZ: Yeah, bite people. We don't bite people because we're a nice group of vampires. And the first movie was all about embracing humans as well, and so we're very good to people. I think that makes us special.

- Are vampires real?

SELENA GOMEZ: Well, that depends. Do you think they're real?


- I don't know.

SELENA GOMEZ: I got two answers. Well, no, I don't think they're real.

- Are zombies real?

SELENA GOMEZ: Oh, my gosh, I hope not because those are the scariest thing to me. I am terrified of zombies.

- What about the ghost who lives in our house, Mr. Nobody? He's definitely real.

SELENA GOMEZ: OK, well that's something that I think you've got to talk to dad about.

- We see him all the time.


- Girls, let's not freak out Selena Gomez here, OK?

- You know what we call our daddy?

- Count Stinkula.


- I don't know what I do to deserve this. I don't-- the emotional abuse over here.

SELENA GOMEZ: You got two girls that are witty and smart.

- What would you be doing if you weren't this super talented, really pretty actress?

SELENA GOMEZ: Oh, why thank you so much. I think that I would try to be a chef. I don't know if I'd be good, but I love cooking and I love making people happy, so.

- Daddy says you have a cooking show.

SELENA GOMEZ: I do, and I have the best time. I sometimes make mistakes and they're pretty funny, but it's OK. I do my best and that's the goal.

- Have you ever cut your finger off?

SELENA GOMEZ: No, but I've cut my finger and it was so--

- Oh!

SELENA GOMEZ: OK, that was a cut. All right, my bad.

I was so dramatic. But it was a little cut, and it scared me, but I was OK.

- I think we are running out of time. Is there anything else you want to say to Selena today?

- Remember, $30 from Luna if you make another "Hotel Transylvania."

- Please.

SELENA GOMEZ: You know what, I'm going to call Sony. I'm going to tell them you said that.

- Lyla, you're not going to pitch in at all?

- OK, $31.


- $31. There's your offer.


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